Lie Detector Test: Polygraph Pre-employment screening

London Polygraph servicesAs a recruiter, you have an objective to identify qualified candidates successfully. Even though you can conduct a wide variety of tests to check expertise of every candidate, you may get much difficulty to find whether a candidate is free from the criminal cases, gambling, illegal drug usage and other unfavourable things.
A polygraph pre-employment screening test is recommended by successful recruiters in the nation nowadays. Our company provides the most reliable polygraph test that includes a complete pre-employment interview into a wide range of areas like:

  • Illegal drugs use
  • Gambling
  • Work history
  • Education
  • Criminality
  • Honesty
  • Indebtedness

Many recruiters understand that almost every job application contains some false details in major sections such as drug taking. If you do not want to expose your company towards any risky element through employing a disqualified person, then prefer a polygraph test.

Our polygraph pre-employment screening services not only assist our clients in their recruitment process, but also secure their business. This is the major reason for how we get happy clients and a very good acknowledgment in this competitive sector.

You may have planned to identify false elements of job applications on the whole. It is too difficult to carry out this job on your own. This is because you cannot identify whether applicants have a serious drug addiction, hidden criminal records or any other genre of problematic issues. A polygraph test from our qualified team gives you the complete guidance to recruit qualified applicants confidently.

Recruiters have to bear in mind that dishonest personnel in a company engage in theft, disturb the business indirectly, damage properties or make a claim against your company. The main purpose of the polygraph pre-employment test is to find out whether the applicant is qualified or not.
An outstanding pre-employment screening is vital to reduce as well as resolve the overall risks of employing unqualified candidates. This test eliminates risks in every area of the employment.