About Us

We are a team dedicated to finding the truth. We provide accurate and timely polygraph lie detection services in the UK. Our examinations vary from one client to another, depending on the case in hand. We have all the latest equipment and software tools to ensure that we get the most precise results. Our examiners are trained and qualified, and study the case in detail to formulate the questions accordingly.

We understand that specialists in body language and human psychology may mistake about a particular person. On the other hand, the most advanced polygraph never makes any mistake. Well experienced polygraph examiners at London Polygraph Ltd use the top-notch resources as efficiently as possible. We have years of experiences in this profession. We know how to use a polygraph accurately. Thus, we get satisfied clients and ever-increasing recognition.

We are known for our dedication to providing the best in class yet affordable polygraph lie detection services. We understand the requirements of our clients and provide the best suitable service promptly.

Why choose London Polygraph services?

  • A team of professional british polygraph experts (BPE) with decades of experiences
  • An array of services for all situations
  • We use proven methods and ethical standards throughout the polygraph test
  • Cutting edge technology to increase the overall accuracy of the result
  • Affordable yet top notch services on time

We have a team of highly experienced, educated, and trained examiners to offer you the professional experience that you expect from us. We create a plan and a questionnaire and get it approved by you. We don’t ask any surprise questions, and none of our questions are related to religion, race, political opinions, or sexual orientation (unless it is related to the case).

Our mission

Our mission is to achieve a service standard that meets or exceeds the confidential and ethical standards of the modern polygraph industry. We take pride in being recommended by prosecutors and law enforcement authorities, and our results are taken into consideration in legal investigations. Our investigators have worked for several years in the law enforcement or psychological fields and can crack even difficult cases.

We understand that each case has a different story and each person had to face the ups and downs of life. We always provide compassionate services with professional understanding without being biased or judgemental.

Our polygraph services have an excellent track record of obtaining confessions before or during the test. Our experts know the right time and technique to ask the right questions and this allows them to get to the truth by behavioural tactics as well as operational testing.

Any location in the UK

We can conduct the test at a location of your preference. Whether it’s your home, workplace, or our own office, we can conduct the examination wherever you’re comfortable.

With more than 10 years in the lie detection industry, our team of experts can crack down even complex and difficult cases. We have an accuracy of more than 96% and our professionals are trusted by government authorities and related services. Our ability to discern truth from deception has helped many clients solve their cases. This is especially true for “insider” cases where government authorities fail to solve.

If you’re looking for independent, confidential, and reliable polygraph testing, contact us. We cater to private, commercial, and government clients all over the UK. With our verified outcome and high success rate, we can be your trusted partner and help you crack the case.

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