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Whether you want the lie detector test for a personal or a work relation, it’s important to rebuild the trust for a better and healthier future. By removing all doubt, you’ll be able to carry on with your relations with more confidence. A lie detector test can help you by providing reliable and accurate answers.

With our professional equipment and latest software techniques, we can find out the truth to help your case. Our experts work with counsellors, therapists, attorneys, and private clients to help them find the truth. We work closely with you to create the right test questions that would get the most accurate results.

Before the test, we make sure that you get a comprehensive understanding of the process. Once complete, we deliver a final report that is accurate, timely, and clear.

A lie detector test can help you by providing reliable and accurate answers.

Discern truth from deception with our careful analysis services. Our polygraph services are designed for:

  • False allegations
  • Infidelity
  • Internal theft investigations
  • Workplace investigations
  • Criminal fraud cases
  • Sexual harassment examination
  • Insurance fraud cases

When your reputation is at stake (or you doubt someone’s trustworthiness), you need to find the truth fast. Whether it’s an employee or your spouse, a modern polygraph test can help you settle all disputes. With the current instrument and the modern software tools, it’s not possible for the lies to get past the examination. Our examiners are trained and experienced and know what questions to ask and how.

We use a polygraph test as an analytical tool to identify innocence, dishonesty, those who may get involved or implicated in a particular incident. We have a specialization in this profession and verify the overall truth of a statement given by a suspected person.

London Polygraph invests in ground-breaking resources with an objective to provide the best support and first-class services for our clients. We analyze this register in detail and answer the question in the form of true or false. London Polygraph is proud to use the evidence based scientific methods for accessing the credibility.

Our company is known for the best standards of scientific and professional practices and every member of our staff has expertise about how to use polygraph for detecting the deception.

London Polygraph is in a leading position in a list of reliable polygraph testing service providers in the UK. We are trained to conduct a polygraph test for different situations and industries.

Professional polygraph examiners

London Polygraph We understand that specialists in body language and human psychology may mistake about a particular person. On the other hand, the most advanced polygraph never makes any mistake. Well experienced polygraph examiners at London Polygraph Ltd use the top-notch resources as efficiently as possible. We have years of experiences in this profession. We know how to use a polygraph accurately. Thus, we get satisfied clients and ever-increasing recognition.

We are known for our dedication to providing the best in class yet affordable polygraph lie detection services. We understand the requirements of our clients and provide the best suitable service promptly.

Why choose London Polygraph services?

  • A team of professional british polygraph experts (BPE) with decades of experiences
  • An array of services for all situations
  • We use proven methods and ethical standards throughout the polygraph test
  • Cutting edge technology to increase the overall accuracy of the result
  • Affordable yet top notch services on time


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